New Feelings about ‘MAGA’ Hat Poses Threat to Sport Fans

Could sport apparel be mistaken for a MAGA hat? This article dives into the possibility.
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It is no surprise that the controversial ‘Make America Great Again’ Ball-Style Cap has gathered a lot of enemies over the course of the Trump campaign and presidency. People on the left side of politics have gathered in an effort to end the hat and people on the right say that it’s nothing more than harmless clothing.

However, there is some harm to the hat after all regardless of your political opinion; in fact, it’s not even political harm. The fact is that this hat is hard to distinguish between others like it at night and from afar.

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One thing that is common about this hat and other hats like it is the layout and the simplicity. On the ‘MAGA’ hats, the text wraps around the front two sectors while an American flag is commonly seen on the left-most sector toward that sector’s front giving the appearance of it being in the right side.

As the ‘MAGA’ hat evolves, the font which reads ‘Make America Great Again’ is starting to take on its acronym of ‘MAGA’ or the number 45, which only adds to the confusion. It has even spawned a few parodies.

So far, no reports have been made that any serious violence has wrongfully found somebody due to this easy mistake, but people are not sure how long this streak of luck will last.

According to a later debunked report out of the Albany Police Department in New York, a man claims to have been shot at and assaulted due to his display of a very similar ball-cap to that of the ‘Make America Great Again’ variety.

As the seemingly plausible report states, an anonymous man claims that on his way home from an Ohio State at University at Albany basketball game, he was shot at from a distance by a man who caught up to him, tackled him and removed his hat only to find it reading ‘Ohio State Buckeyes’.

“The text was simple, wrapped around the front of the ball-cap and there was a Nike symbol that ran along the front of the left side as to appear on the right when looked at head on; right where the flag would be.”

Anonymous Man’s Testimony | Albany Police Department Report – 01/18/2019

Many people are saying that this reason alone should be noted and carefully conveyed to far left and right groups to minimize the risk to civilians. Others say that this is the reason that harsher punishment should be levied against the politically left for targeting so called “bad-hatters’.

However, most will agree that the argument is absurd. On a general level, most people acquainted with modern politics show neither disapproval nor approval of the hat. Some prefer to say that ‘they don’t care’.

Norman Kemsley, a fashion designer in our area says he doesn’t care for the politics behind the hat but that in fact, he thinks it might spawn a peculiar fashion niche of its own.

‘Big events and especially political events have always had an impact on fashion. Women have had a habit of mimicking the first lady and her sense of fashion and men seem to do it too; just not quite on the same level. It might be a tie that catches their interest or something distinct about the president’s fashion. That red hat might just be it for this decade.’

Norman Kemsley in my interview on the ‘MAGA’ Hat Issue

Niche or not, it seems like this debate is ongoing and showing no sign of slowing. If you want my opinion, just be careful what you wear and where you wear it.

If you want to wear a MAGA hat, by all means wear it. If you want to beat somebody for wearing a MAGA hat, then shame on you.

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