REPORT: What happened with the Michael Rosfeld trial?

PITTSBURGH, Pa. – Many rumors are being plagued with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts. But what really happened after the trial of the Commonwealth v. Michael Rosfeld, a disgraced former East Pittsburgh police officer who was accused of murdering Antwon Rose II.

KNNP-TV photographers started in Shadyside after hearing Pittsburgh Police starting to shutdown several major intersections.

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The KNNP-TV crew started to make way northbound when a large group of protesters started to make their way southbound.

The protest continued into several local businesses, with people jumping up and down on tables occupied by patrons.

The protest mostly ended in a church in Wilkinsburg, when several protesters became violent with news media outlets, including KDKA-TV, the CBS Pittsburgh affiliate station.

Some protesters moved to Forbes Avenue and Murray Avenue, in front of the 24-hour Rite-Aid. Chants could be heard “3 shots in the back, how do you justify that?”.

Look for our upcoming video this afternoon of protest coverage.

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