Building collapses on to vehicle in Ford City

FORD CITY, Pa. – A person narrowly escaped harm as they were sitting inside of an SUV at the S&T Bank parking lot on 5th Ave. when all of a sudden, a large portion of the wall belonging to “Dales TV” collapsed on top of their vehicle.

Emergency responders arrived to determine that the building was unsafe, so a large collapse zone perimeter was established following fire command establishment by Ford City Hose Co. #1. Police cars and fire trucks barricaded the scene, causing vehicles to seek alternative routes on 6th and 4th Avenues.

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KNNP-TV’s drone team assisted emergency responders with aerial photography to determine the soundness and damage to nearby structures, which normally would require an additional department with a ladder truck to respond. KNNP-TV’s drone found a portion of the building’s bricks had landed on top of a nearby structure. “Dales TV” was reportedly abandoned for several years.

An emergency demolition declaration order was issued, which granted an immediate order for demolition. By 9 p.m. on Saturday evening, the building was completely torn down. Barricades were still in place as crew would start removing the debris the following day.

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