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KNNP-TV Pittsburgh is an independently owned television broadcast station in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania since February of 2018. The network features local and breaking news events, along with local high-school sports. Most commonly known, KNNP-TV works closely with other news stations in the Greater Pittsburgh region to provide daily and nightly content for events happening. This includes spot news, breaking news, and pre-planned events. KNNP-TV is one of the newest television news stations in Western Pennsylvania, with competitors such as KDKA-TV, WTAE-TV, and WPXI.

KNNP-TV originally started as an online-only web-series as a copy-editing tool and news aggregation for readers, stations, and local area newspapers. With times changing, KNNP-TV has reportedly provided content to KDKA-TV and WPXI with content since 2017. Content included storm damage information, photos, and videos – as well as spot and breaking news happening around Allegheny County, PA.

The KNNP-TV station is located in the Greater Pittsburgh vicinity, allowing crews to cover spot-news such as the competitors.

The KNNP-TV has a broadcast channel on Roku. This channel is what allows KNNP-TV to be an official television broadcast station in the United States. Reportedly, the Roku channel provides viewers with previous and live content. The Roku channel is listed as a free “News” genre channel, as per Roku.

What Sets Us Apart?

KNNP-TV prides itself in being an innovator of fast, efficient and bias free news reporting.  Our formula, unmatched is very simple.

Infrastructure Advantages

KNNP-TV is, to date, the only mass-scale media operation that does not rely on any form of ground infrastucture.  That means that we do not employ the use of towers, dishes, ground bases or other forms of permanent/semi-permanent ground structures to bounce our data.  We have mastered the art of using modern connectivity to beam news to viewers from anywhere to anywhere.

Since we do not rely on these things, we save a lot of money that competitors spend on upkeep, leasing and mortgage to provide news that is only good if sent from these places.  This also allows us to be quicker and more accurate, since we can get information from the scene of a newsbreak and send it out immediately.

Anti-Bias and Viewer Friendliness

KNNP-TV has no position for anybody to act as an anchor or other on-screen presence.  That means that our relay of information is more smooth and information can be interpreted by the viewer in realtime without the interjection of bias from the point of view of a narrator.  Basically, the viewer and their mind is the only two attributes responsible for interpreting our news.  This makes bias impossible, since it is up to the individual to make up their own minds.


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